|RECAP| #KicksonCourt 1st Annual Come Together Charity Game

Being able to pull of an classic event is a task in itself, but to be able to truly bring the city out and together for a day is something special. This was achieved this past Saturday at Brick Church Middle for the Nashville's community 1st Annual Come Together Charity Basketball Game.  Organized by local emcees Chuck Taylor and Petty Kane Jr., standing room was all that was left once word go out about what was going down! With appearances by mayoral candidate Howard Gentry, Don Trip, Starlito, and dozens of other mentionable individuals in Nashille's growing Hip Hop community this was truly an event you did not want to miss! Equally as important as the guest appearances was what kicks that were rocked on the hardwood floors. Just in case you did miss the action, we captured a glimpse of the history that took place this past Saturday below.