*EXCLUSIVE* Villz 'Till the End of Summer' Interview

"Who is that kid all over MTV Jams?" Well people his name is Villz and he has the whole music world asking that question. Villz, as you will soon find out, is a different sound that is coming out of Nashville. You can't classify him as R&B because the sound is very unique. Its more of a Rap and R&B blend, like rapping with a strong melody. To be honest he does not need a category. Villz is in a lane by himself.  His perfect blend of great beats and personal note selection are crazy dope and this alone puts him in his own lane.

If you are not familar with Villz take a moment to get familar.

Now that you are familiar take a moment to get to know Villz in this EXCLUSIVE interview at Bullets and Mullets. Villz blessed SxS with exclusive details on his life as a rising star and also spilled tea about his upcoming project. CHECK IT OUT!! Enjoy and Comment. -DUNN