FU S.T.A.N #SxSr4

How do you book shows and line up all sorts of events with only a few tracks out. There is one easy answer to this question, you got to become S.T.A.N. You might ask what S.T.A.N stands for? S.T.A.N's answers are, "Striving Through Anything Negative" or "Slinky Tall A** N***a." S.T.A.N says "the first acronym is the one I really use."

Brother to Petty, S.T.A.N often gives praise to him. Lyrical talent must run in the family because both of them can spit twisters around anyone. I'm waiting on a tape to drop headlining both of them, maybe that will come in the near future. 



The music S.T.A.N has released explains his hype and his growing fan base. #NancyKerrigan is lyrically genius, with lines like "...send a n***a to Vanderbilt, you better anchor down". Only a Nashville native would understand a line like that. The song is full of flips and metaphors that make you run the song back just to catch what he said. Look out for the song "I'm Good" to drop also. "I'm Good" may be S.T.A.N's most personal song, which means the song will be FIRE. 

With a son on the way, S.T.A.N tweeted "SneakersxSpeakers Round 4 would be the last performance for a while."  During his time off, S.T.A.N gave me his top 6 artist to fill the void. The artist are Petty, Sofa Brown, OPENMIC, Loco, Rikki Blu, and G Slab. All of these artist are heavy and pushing hard in the streets. 

Look for S.T.A.N to grace the stage at round 4. Follow S.T.A.N on Twitter @1_NightStan, Instagram FU_STAN, and SoundCloud FU S.T.A.N. SxSr4 WILL BE HIS LAST PERFORMANCE FOR A WHILE! Be a witness to what is to come from S.T.A.N.