D.H: Bringing the City Together #SxSr4

With a city full of so many styles it is hard not to categorize the genres of rap. In Nashville's rap scene there is "gangsta" rap and smooth hitting conscious rap. Well D.H is becoming the bridge between the two. D.H is taking Nashville piece by piece with a way to get a message out and still let people know what he comes from. Songs like "FREE" and "Don't Stop" show the bridge is clearly being built between the two sides of the city.


D.H's most personal song, "Hard", which tells the story of trying to make it in life when the situation that has been handed to you is not ideal, it is just a song of struggle. "Hard" is a song of what you should do verses what you would do, as he says in the song.

In my favorite song, "Can't Hurt Ya", D.H displays his melodic skills and maturity. The song centers around a break up that neither side wants but he doesn't want to hurt the girl in the long run. The song is brilliantly mastered.

D.H, who's sources all of his motivation from his daughter, has so much passion that we encourage you to study his music before the SneakersxSpeakers round 4 show. Follow D.H on Twitter and SoundCloud at @SSK_DH and also download Progressive Thinking 2 at sskent.com.