Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the slayer of MICs, the reaper of lyrics, the…..ok sounds a little Beowulf/Braveheart like but I digress…. Let me present to you Nashville’s own OPENMIC. Heavily influenced by Jazz, beat wise, artist OPENMIC is a unique sound but let me be the first to tell you this man snaps in a booth. I really was not a true believer until the SxSr4 Cypher. The cypher is on the SneakersxSpeakers Youtube page if you have not witnessed it.

The story goes like this, during the recording of the cypher the question arose of “who is going first?” OPENMIC’s response “f**k it, I’ll do it” and to be honest he set the tone for the cypher.  OPENMIC killed it, spinning the room with a flow colder than a hand in dry ice.  OPENMIC’s music will make you listen but to see him live is another great story. You will have to be at SneakersxSpeakers round 4 to visually see that story.



OPENMIC says his most popular song with the crowd is “James Brown”, even though “New 100s” has my speakers smoking. “James Brown” has a catchy 70s “here comes the bad a**” type beat but on top of the beat OPENMIC kills the flow. Easily a crowd favorite! OPENMIC also gives reverence to his most personal song “Drug Addict” because it embodies personal decisions and trials that he eventually overcame but still feels the impact.

 OPENMIC has a flow that keeps you hanging on to discover his next play on words. Follow OPENMIC on Twitter @_OPENMIC, Instagram at OPENMICMUSIC, and SoundCloud at OPENMIC. Catch OPENMIC bless the SneakersxSpeakers round 4 stage on August 30, 2014.