The Comedic Sofa Brown #SxSr4

"Anything can be joked on, I never take anything too seriously." - Sofa Brown

Sofa Brown is just a silly, high spirited guy that just happens to spit BLAZING FIRE. Now when I say "silly" I'm using that term loosely because all of his songs have a message that is to be respected. Sofa Brown has this flow that is hard hitting but comes across smooth as chilled V.S.O.P.

 To really know Sofa Brown you have to experience his work in detail, like The Days That Don't Exist  and MORPHEUS. As a lyricist those two EP's are amazing but when Sofa and Ducko Mc Fli get together I bet the temperature inside that studio is off the charts. Go back and listen to "Trinity", "Mother's Daughters", and "To Whom It May Concern" all either feat Ducko or are produced by him.

I encourage you to listen to ALL of Sofa Brown's work because he has always dropped gems. Sofa's EP FIVE SIGHT will get you hooked on his music but his early work will show you that he really is about these lyrics. Sofa Brown will bless the #SxSr4 stage August 30th. Follow Sofa Brown on SoundCloud, Twitter( @SofaBrown), and download his music from



Sofa Brown
Sofa Brown