Get Familiar with Tim Gent #SxSr4

Let me start off by saying Tim Gent's SoundCloud is in my top 5. I can't put in words how good Tim Gent's flow is in "Young Metality". Look if you do not know about Clarksville's own Tim Gent, I hope after this article you will run to his SoundCloud.

Tim Gent comes from the 931 and loves to let people know that. When I spoke with him the man was humble but don't let the humble heart fool you because Tim Gent is legit. Gent has a unique flow with touches of Andre 3000, Kendrick, and others. Notice I said "unique" because his flow is unlike any other artist. One of his nicest tracks, "What I Think Of", shows how much emotion Tim Gent puts into a song. Gent even displays his singing skills in the song. 

Make sure you check out these following tracks:

  •  Young Metality feat Rikki Blu
  •  What I Think Of
  •  Thursday Thoughts

If Tim Gent dropped an album right now I promise you I would be lined up outside of Best Buy before the doors even open. Tim Gent is putting Clarksville on the map in the rap game! Follow Tim Gent on SoundCloud, Twitter @timgent931. Check out Trials of Hulio

Look for Tim Gent on the SneakersxSpeakers round 4 stage.




Tim Gent
Tim Gent