The Casino Greene #SxSr4

Casino Greene has always been quietly hustling. If you personally know Casino, you wouldn't even expect crack bars that keep you running back for more. Casino has a chill soul but when he grabs a booth or a crowd he becomes a serial killer. If you don't believe me just check out Eastside Story . Casino starts out with a hard, southern, twisted beat and he brilliantly named the song "Magnus." The song is just a intro and only last about 2 minutes but listening to "Magnus" is like eating one potato chip out of a bag, it is impossible to not grab some more. Eastside Story is some of Casino Greene's best work.

Casino Greene has come a long way from his humble beginnings of pushing mixtapes on 2nd Ave Downtown Nashville, especially after he dropped Eastside Story and his performance at the BOTO Jamfest. Even Twitter has been lighting up with Casino Greene tags and shoutouts. Do not be surprised when you see Casino performing on stage at SneakersxSpeakers Round 4 and you become a fan.

 Make sure to download Eastside Story and if you really want to know Mr. Greene check out Knocking Kings Down and Scattered Thoughts. Download all of his music at, also Follow Casino Greene on Twitter @CasinoGreene  

If you ain't know about Casino Greene, now you know.  




Casino Greene
Casino Greene