Kanye! Can I talk to you for a min!

The year is 2005, McGavock's Marching Band had just competed in the contest of champions in the now Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis (Yes I was in band.. Its a saxophone thang shawty) Unfortunately, we didn't place in the top ten but I didn't care because I just wanted to get out of TN and play the dozens with my friends. As always when my voice had cracked from all the screaming and holler of being a "boisterous" teenager It was time to delve in my favorite past time while riding on those long trips " listening to new music". I ask my homie at the time Jeremy Davidson to lend me his CD Wallet to find some inspiration to place in my walk man. This was back when we put the album cover in the sleeve of the CD wallet to stunt that we had finally copped the official CD versus coppin from bootleg man. Im flippin thru some of my favorites like T.I.s Urban Legend & Lil John's Kings of Crunk and then I come across a unusual Mural of a teddy bear, but not a regular teddy bear, this was like if Ted was a fashion model for Nordstroms. I was visually stimulated to the tenth degree because this was like nothing I had ever seen from most rappers which usually went with the normal agenda (cars, clothes, money, and hoes). I place the CD in and hear my favorite Chicago comedian, Bernie Mac, on the introduction and I was assured at least one thing that at least the Chicago emcee and I had a common interest in humor. As I went through tracks like We Dont Care that represented the common perspective of inner city adolescents in hoods across America. Jesus Walks that tackled the controversial subject for religion in Hip Hop community and actually make it DOPE! Two Words that featured three of hip hops living legends in a cypher style three verse   Workout Plan that allowed me to see more of the humor that lied within Kanye. After a 120 mins of witty punchlines, soulful production, tracks that could be related to by all walks of life, and side splitting skits from the hilarious De'ray Davis! Kanye had gained a fan in the woodwind section!  Little did I know that 10 years later that College Dropout would still be relevant to the issues of our time but I am glad to witness K west growth as an artist!

Salute to the Louie Vutton Don!