Nipseyville, Hussle takes over Nashville

December 5th, 2014 Nashville was blessed with the presence of Nipsey Hussle, in what we call the Nipsey takeover. During his Nashville takeover Nipsey first held a pop-up shop at Phatkaps selling his illustrious "Crenshaw" brand. Nipsey really is about quality and his brand did not disappoint. Crenshaw hoodies were a personal favorite of ours. The word "Crenshaw" is the only design but the quality of the clothing is the magnificent. If you would like to check the clothing out slide over to

What really caught our attention was how relaxed and laid back the guy is. Nipsey had what most would think of as a long night ahead, but to him it was another day at the office. Sneakers x Speakers CEO Ivan Andrews got a chance to talk to Nipsey and even he was shocked on his chill persona.

Ivan and The Hussle

Ivan and The Hussle

Nipsey did not stay too long and soon headed to get ready for the concert. The doors opened at 8pm and the line was ridiculous! Performing many of the hits off the new Crenshaw Mixtape the crowd finished many of the verses bar for bar. Nipsey is set to release another mixtape/album under his #Proud2Pay campaign December 20th. Be looking out for Mr. Hussle's upcoming release: Mailbox Money. 

 If you was to ask me I would say the concert was a real cool and an exclusive show that Nashville has needed. Nipsey is past an emerging artist and will definitely be making a serious impact on the game in the coming years. 



A Day Out The Office "Nipsey Hussle" Nashville TN @Agenda Nightclub A Day Out The Office "Nipsey Hussle" Nashville TN @Agenda Nightclub A Day Out The Office "Nipsey Hussle" Nashville TN @Agenda Nightclub