Do the 'Legend Blue' XI's the Right Way.

Everyone knows that Jordan always gives the people an exclusive Jordan release right before Christmas. This year Jordan is giving us the 'Legend Blue' XI's. With that being said the staff at Sneakers x Speakers have discussed the typical clothing items people wear with new Jordan's. You do not want to be the guy in the all white True Religion jeans, a white polo, and a white hat to rock with the Legends. Sneakers x Speakers has teamed up with Bullets and Mullets to stop these fashion catastrophes before the game is ruined by the HYPEBEAST. Here are a few suggestions for the ultimate fit.

1) The shirt is a light blue, flower print shirt by JOYRICH that would pair well with the Publish black neoprene joggers. This outfit with the Legends is a winner! (Google JOYRICH)

This next outfit is our second choice but do not get it twisted, it is a stand out outfit. 

2) The the navy blue shirt is by 10 Deep with accents of light blue in the design. The shirt is accompanied with grey 10 Deep joggers.

*Everything should not match everything all the time. Art(fashion) should sightly contrast.

These two outfits are exceptional and will bring out the greatness of the 'Legend Blue' XI's. If you are doubting the outfits just go try them on with the J's. These outfits, along with many others, can be purchased at Bullets and Mullets located at 1309 Bell Rd Nashville(Antioch), TN 37013. Follow Sneakers x Speakers on Twitter @sneaksxspeaks for more updates on what to wear with shoe releases. We are always on the prowl for dope fashion.

Everyone will have the shoes so stand out and be an individual. To be ahead of the game is winning the game.