Memphis Own Melvin Thomas Drops 3 On Us In The 4th Quarter

Drawing closer to capping off 2014, it seems as if everyone in the rap game is unveiling their hidden agendas and clawing for the bragging rights for taking the crown for the 4th quarter. Krizzle dropped off Cadillatica last month and freshly coming off the high of 2K14FHD from J. Cole last week. With that being said its impressive to see the local talent strive to achieve the same notoriety in their own lanes. It being almost a year since Ive heard any new music from MT, more formally known as Melvin Thomas, it was 3 dope to get a line from MT with 3 new songs. A laid back flow and progressive delivery effortless laid down from the Memphis emcee is what you can expect from start to finish. Check out these 3 new tracks here on his SC below.

- Ivan the Great