Bullets and Mullets Shake the Area

The people have a new place to spend that overdue rent money because Bullets and Mullets has set up shop in Antioch, TN. Bullets and Mullets has blessed Antioch with their flagship store. They have come into an area that will allow the store to thrive and will satisfy the customer who finds it hard to find a certain style in the Antioch area.  Owner Soyon Keum says she is looking forward to seeing the clientele Antioch has and even looking forward to the local talent that she is working with such as FGTU, the Outer Circle and others. Soyon also explained in detail the style of clothing she brings to the table, she states "The type of fashion that we carry is European Street wear, Kanye to Chris Brown model themselves after the European styles and most if not all of our fashion is derived from Europe."

The store carries various brands but when I looked on the wall and found JoyRich and HFLA, I was sold. When the doors of the store open and the aura takes your breath, at that exact moment is when you know "Aw yea, this store is about to get all of my love."  When you go by the store tell them that Sneakers x Speakers sent you. You will not get a discount but you will be treated like family and the ever so clever Soyon might help you style an outfit to impress the city.

Bullets and Mullets will feature pop-up shops by FGTU, Born Winners, and who knows maybe even Sneakers x Speakers. Please go pick up a few outfits for Homecoming season. The store is located on 1309 Bell rd Nashville, TN in the same shopping plaza as Hot Stuff. I can't put into words how phenomenal the store is, you just have to check them out for yourself.

Bullets and Mullets has changed the game.